AgEnvirontech is seeking Environmental Capitalists to join our cause.

Company Overview:

Ag-Environ-Tech is a leader in product-development innovation for market-based animal-waste management systems with a focus on strong economic and environmental results.

Our Principles:

AET is founded on three core principles for product development:

  1. Create innovative systems that significantly address animal-waste issues.
  2. Contribute to US energy supplies to help create an energy independence
  3. Be profitable while meeting animal-waste and energy needs.

Sustainability & Carbon-Neutral:

A key element of AET corporate governance is sustainability. Our focus is on environmental, economic and civic responsibilities and is a part of everything we do:

Environmental sustainability:

Our product design process incorporates the highest environmental standards.  We expect systems developed with protect and improve the environment and natural resources.

Economic Sustainability:

AET is subject to certain general and industrial risks.  Our priority is to use effective risk management related to the nature of industries and businesses in which we operate.

Civic Sustainability:

Health and safety measures will be incorporated for the protection of staff, suppliers and contractors in our product development, installation and operations activities.


All AET endeavors incorporate a focus on minimizing our carbon footprint.  Whenever possible projects will generate Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) and Certified Emissions Reductions (CER’s) of Kyoto Protocols.  We actively work to offset greenhouse gas emissions in all decisions and activities.


Company Name: Ag-Environ-Tech
Company CEO: John Conlan, Founder
Capitalization: Private company – Limited Liability Corporation
Industries: Animal Waste Management
Corporate Offices: 3914 Miami Avenue, Suite 307
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
Financial Year-end: December 31, 2017
Company Auditors: ________________
Shareholders: Accredited Investors only