Business Plan

Fuel to Flight


Ag-Environ-Tech, LLC (AET) Business Plan

AET is developing, and will market, an essential bio-mass based source of renewable domestic fuel, animal bedding and compost that will earn substantial profits while helping to solve the 1 Billion ton per year environmental problem caused by the unprocessed waste generated by the
livestock industry.

Founder’s Investment Criteria:

Company business must have intrinsic value, to mean it must satisfy a basic need, not just a want.

Company business must be financially self-sustaining, to mean it must operate profitably, independent of State and/or Federal grants or subsidies.

Company activities must benefit our environment.

Objectives: Ag-Environ Tech, LLC (AET):

Help solve the enormous environmental waste problem created by the U.S. livestock industry while producing a sustainable source of green domestic energy.

Mountain Forest Corp. (MFC), an environmentally focused, wholly owned subsidiary of Ag-Environ-Tech, LLC:

Propagate and market a valuable, fast growing and self-sustaining (new trees will emerge from the cut stump) species of hardwood, known as Paulownia tomentosa, to re-claim former coal strip mined land in the Growing Zone 6 states of Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.


As an independent nation, we must find an alternative, domestic sources sustainable fuel in order to decrease U.S. dependence on imported crude oil, which is in finite supply and politically price sensitive worldwide.

As an environmentally concerned and health conscious nation, we must eliminate the 1 Billion tons per year commercial animal waste problem caused by the U.S livestock industry that has poisoned our air, fields and streams and resulted in curtailing growth and employment in our agricultural sector by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The AET Solution: There is one solution to both major problems made available to AET:

AET has experience in manufacturing solid fuel and livestock bedding products from dairy waste, giving AET a real, sustainable, competitive advantage over others attempting to develop a profitable animal waste-to-energy conversion system. To the best of our knowledge, no other company has developed a complete, affordable and profitable animal waste-to-energy conversion system that also brings US agricultural industries into compliance with State and Federal Environmental Protection Agency standards. Our first system will be installed in Darke County, Ohio, which has Ohio’s second largest farm animal population.

Beyond the substantial profits we project, and the environmental problems we intend to solve, the underlying theme of our efforts is energy independence as an extension of our own independence as a nation.

By energy independence we mean freedom from past reliance on imported petroleum based fuel for our vast military and civilian needs.

AET will protect the environment by eliminating unwanted animal refuse, create jobs in the agricultural sector, and ensure energy independence – all while earning a substantial profit for our investors with a continuous income stream.

Key Benefits:

Help eliminate the 1 Billion tons of commercial animal waste per year environmental problem created by the U.S. livestock industries.

Provide a sustainable source of domestic renewable energy.

Unlimited State of Ohio and national growth potential due to continual supply of commercial animal waste.

Projected 10-year average Return on Equity of 50%+ generated from our first “green energy” facility in Versailles, Ohio.

Realistic Exit Strategy: Our plan is to be acquired, in 6-7 years, by a publicly traded utility company currently operating under a federal mandate to produce 25% of their power as sustainable “green energy by the year 2025.

Next Steps:

Raise the $1,000,000.00 in funds necessary to complete the design of, and install the animal waste-to-energy prototype conversion system in Versailles (Darke County, Ohio with the sale of AET Class “A” Units (see Pro-Forma Budget for Prototype).

Execute profit sharing contracts with suppliers of raw material (livestock waste).

Acquire the 15-acre property on Christian Road in Versailles, Ohio.

AET Strengths:
Management Team & Investors
John E. Conlan, CEO:
AET Investor

Past President of: Shawnee Capital Corp. (53 Investment Syndications), International Tool Co. (INTOL), WSRM Investments, Inc. (real estate) and Ag-Renu, Inc. (agriculture).

Vice President of Marketing, Properties Management and Research, Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda (REIT).

Past and Present Affiliations:

Executive Committee, Society for them Advancement of Management. Practicing Law Institute.
Director, Jackson National Life Insurance Company (Prudential). Junior Achievement Instructor (10+ years).
Southwestern Ohio Agribusiness Council.
Executive Advisory Board, Summit Country Day School.
Green Energy Ohio. Chairman, Challenge at Grand Lake St. Mary’s.

Mr. Conlan holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Xavier University. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate degree from the University of Cincinnati with studies in International Management and Economics. John taught Business Development and Investment Analysis while earning this degree and graduated cum laude.

Mr. Conlan is a graduate of the United States Marine Corps Officer’s School in Quantico, Virginia (Honorable Discharge).

John W. Norton, Chief Engineer: AET Investor

Consulting Engineer since 1979 in Solid Waste Management, Recycling and Industrial Redevelopment specializing in Waste to Energy Design.

Mr. Norton is a Certified Environmental Engineer (DEE). His Clients include: The Ohio Cities of Vandalia, Moraine and Tipp City, Chemicals, Inc. Miami County, Ohio Sanitary District and Goodrich Wheel & Brake.

Joseph S. Tesar, Systems Consultant: AET Investor

President and owner of Quantalux, LLC, a product development firm in Ann Arbor, MI. A major focus for Quantalux is to develop and prototype technology solutions for biogas and other renewable energy systems. Prior to founding Quantalux in 2007, Joe worked as a senior engineer to develop software and hardware solutions for a range of commercial and military clients.

Mr. Tesar holds degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and an Optical engineering degree from the University of Rochester.

Charles R. Stewart, Information Systems Consultant: AET Investor

Mr. Stewart founded an ERP software company called Encompix that he operated for 19 years before selling the company to a private equity firm in 2008. He was retained by that firm to become Vice President of Industry Solutions where he helped newly acquired companies implement the operating model used to drive high levels of EBITDA while also increasing customer satisfaction rates. Chuck now runs an internet based company that owns and operates websites in niche markets. He also operates a search engine optimization consulting practice with12 employees and 150 customers.

Donald F. Muller, Information Systems Consultant: AET Investor

Mr. Muller is a founding partner of SearchEngineRanking.Net, an internet based search engine firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Don is the former Vice President of Marketing at Emerge Technologies, a leader in ERP software for manufacturing companies. Earlier in his career, he served as the Investment Director in the Wall Street office of the Karl and Louise Schewe family trust. Don is a graduate of Washington State University.

Jon Heffner, State and Federal Grant Consultant:

Mr. Heffner is the Manager for the Entrepreneurship Incubator with the U.S. Department of Labor, and Director of the Wright State University Small Business Development Center. His clients include the West Ohio Development Corporation, the Ohio Department of Development (Governor’s Regional Office) and Mark Saluk, Executive Director of Darke County, Ohio Economic Development. Versailles, Ohio, site of our first bio-mass based “green energy” facility, is located in Darke County.

Engineering and Design

The best word to describe our proprietary bio-mass animal waste conversion-to-green energy system is innovative. It is driven by the fuel it produces itself, and, therefore, no dependent on any outside source of energy such as natural gas or electricity to operate. The result is complete operating cost control.

Investor Requirements:

Company activities must satisfy a need, not just a want to have intrinsic value.

Their product or service must be both innovative and efficient.

Company must be financially self-sustaining, and independent of

State and/or Federal grants or subsidies, unlike wind, solar and ethanol energy sources.

Company activities must benefit our environment.

Company must have built-in repeat business and unlimited growth potential.

Domestic, renewable energy is our next great business opportunity, and AET can protect our threatened environment as well, while earning substantial, continuous profits.

The AET conversion to green energy system has both national and international licensing growth potential.

Contact Information: Ag-Environ-Tech, LLC (AET)
3914 Miami Road, Suite 307
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Telephone: (513) 271-7888 – Fax: (513) 271-3591 – Email: