Business Opportunity

AET is committed to helping the United States achieve energy independence

At AET, the criteria for investment in projects is comprised of 6 pillars:

1) INTRINSIC VALUE – The project MUST satisfy the United State’s need for alternative (green) energy.

2) NATIONAL in SCOPE – The proposed opportunity MUST benefit America as a nation.

3) PROTECTS the ENVIRONMENT – Projects MUST help create a sustainable environment.

4) FINANCIALLY SELF-SUSTAINING –  Projects MUST NOT dependent on state/local grants which are politically uncertain.

5) INNOVATIVE – The system MUST demonstrate intelligent use of innovation.

6) NO COMPETITION – The project MUST be in a low or no competition market.

The AgEnvironTech opportunity meets each of the above criteria.

Our proven concept has VALUE because it satisfies a NEED for alternative GREEN ENERGY.

Oil is a finite resource that will eventually cease to exist, as will coal.

AET is well organized to execute this environmentally correct business opportunity with:

1) Solid Business plan with a Realistic Budget.  Ask for a complete financial packet on a flash drive by clicking here.

2) Best Engineering and Design Capability with Norton Engineering in Dayton, Ohio.  Norton Engineering brings environmental green energy design experience through their CEO, John W. Norton, who is also an investor in AET.

3) Innovative – The AET system operates  on the energy it produces which means that product costs are always known and under control.

4) No Bio-Mass Energy Competition within a 50 mile radius of plant site in Darke County, Ohio.

5) Other Competing Green Energy Concepts:  Although heavily funded and subsidized, both solar and wind energy projects have become economic failures.  Investors have discovered that the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine.

6) AET has an $800,000+ investment in the 15 acre, Versailles, Ohio property in Darke County, approximately 50 miles Northwest of Dayton.  Click Here to see Aerial View of property.

6) Proximity to Raw Materials and Electricity Grid:  Both adjoin the boundaries of the Versailles, Ohio property.

7) Future:  Although our green energy system has national applications, we first plan to build 4 additional AET bio-energy facilities in Ohio over the next 6 years.

8) Exit Plan:  We are planning to be acquired by a publicly traded utility company that is required to meet the Federal Government mandate for 25% green energy production by the year 2025.

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